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Hi Everyone! My name is Wolf Carter, and I wanted to take a few moments to welcome all of you to my new blog, and to tell you a little about myself and about my companies, Dragon Hollow Design and Dragon Hollow Promotions. (Don’t worry and click your way out of here yet… I’ll keep it brief and you will probably find it interesting)  😉

Given the societal changes brought about by the coronavirus, I’ve used the opportunity to totally update the website to make it easier for you to view our products.

About me: After 20 or so years working for an electronics company, they got bought out by a larger company and my career moved to Canada… Without me… Now there are some 45 year olds who would find this defeating. I took it as an opportunity to decide what I REALLY wanted to be when I grew up.  (Not that I’ve really grown up yet – just ask my wife!)

The State of Connecticut’s “CT Works” program helps displaced workers look for new careers, and they had me take several tests, surveys and classes with that goal in mind.  Of all the various careers paths that had opened up in front of me, laser engraving was the one I kept coming back to. “Why?” you ask?  Because laser engraving offered many different aspects that I was looking for.

  • It has both artistic AND commercial applications (because while I LOVE the artistic side of life, you DO need to be commercially viable to be able to make a living).
  • Using a laser allows the flexibility to engrave on MANY different mediums (including wood, glass, stone, acrylic, and coated metals).
  • It allows for diversity in my daily routine (because as anyone who has been stuck either in front of a machine or behind a desk doing the SAME THING over and OVER ad nauseam will tell you, that’s IMPORTANT).
  • AND it often lets me put work that I have done directly into people’s hands allowing me to see that they like what I’ve done (which any artist will tell you is a definite ego boost).

And so, with the love and support of my beautiful wife Jenn, in September of 2013 Dragon Hollow Design was born! (Insert fanfare here)

We soon joined the Greater Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as Rose City BNI to network with other area businesses. Not long after that an associate of mine recommended that I adjust my business strategy to include more promotional products than just the kinds I engrave myself. To become completely full service to our client base, we affiliated ourselves with one of the largest distributorships in the industry, enabling us to be able to supply just about anything a client could desire. We even offer help with building complete campaigns including Safety Awareness, Associate Recognition & Retention, Fund Raising, and MORE.

We work hard to bring our family of clients exactly what they need.

I’ll sign off now, but I’ll be back every few days or so to give updates on the company and give lessons and details about our various products. And if you have any questions, comments, or anything specific you would like to hear about, just let me know. Enjoy Life!

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