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“The Value of Corporate Gifts” – #1 of a series

In my last blog I wrote about how promotional items from Dragon Hollow Promotions will help you to grow your business and improve your brand recognition. In this edition I would like to begin a series to speak about a different type of promotional product: The Corporate Gift.

About Corporate Gifts
Corporate gift giving is often an important part of business. If used as part of a well-defined program, it can Continue reading ““The Value of Corporate Gifts” – #1 of a series” »

Why should I spend money for promotional products?

Brand Exposure Builds Brand Familiarity
People are naturally drawn to things that they find familiar. Familiarity is comfortable. So the more wide spread you can get your brand, the more often people will see it, become familiar with it, and will feel more comfortable going to it when in need of your particular product or service. If you go around to trade shows and conventions, you’ll see an endless number of items with a business’ name Continue reading “Why should I spend money for promotional products?” »

Welcome to the NEW Dragon Hollow Blog

Hi Everyone! My name is Wolf Carter, and I wanted to take a few moments to welcome all of you to my new blog, and to tell you a little about myself and about my companies, Dragon Hollow Design and Dragon Hollow Promotions. (Don’t worry and click your way out of here yet… I’ll keep it brief and you will probably find it interesting)  😉 Continue reading “Welcome to the NEW Dragon Hollow Blog” »